Invisalign has given over two million people worldwide amazing straight smiles.

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Treatment length will vary depending on your case, but the average clear brace treatment is three to six months.

The Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

  • Almost invisible aligners
  • Custom-made to straighten teeth comfortably
  • Removable when needed

How does Invisalign Work?

  • You will first need an assessment with Dr Hyare who will arrange an impression of your teeth to check whether your teeth can be straightened with the Invisalign System.
  • This allows us to asses your teeth and add a personalised detailed plan.
  • We will develop a series of aligners custom made just for you. You would wear these for 2 week increments, before changing to the next aligner. As you progress your teeth will move little by little, until they have straightened to the final position prescribed by Dr Hyare.
  • You will have check-ups normally every 6-8 weeks to check your progress and ensure you are comfortable.
  • You would then need a retainer to hold the teeth straight and maintain your new smile!

iTero Scanner

We can produce 3D images that map out the movements of your teeth ahead of time. This allows us to provide you with a visual representation of how your smile might look once you complete your treatment.

We use the powerful iTero Scanner to produce a comfortable and accurate 3D map of your mouth and jaw. This technology allows us to manufacture apparatus customised to your mouth. We can also show you the projected results of your treatment before your fitting.

We know that a straight smile often means a healthy smile. Not only will Invisalign® clear dental braces for adults straighten your teeth; they will also improve your overall dental health at the same time!

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