New Patients

Private Dental Treatments & NHS Patients

At Firswood Dental we offer Private and NHS patient services in a relaxed and professional environment. We always give you the choice to enable you to make a decision, which is right for you.

Private Treatment

Cosmetic Treatment – Is not available on the NHS and private treatment will always give you the best possible function and cosmetic result.

Firswood Dental therefore also offers orthodontic private treatment i.e. ‘Invisalign dental braces’, teeth whitening and the unique ‘Componeers veneering system’, that allows patients to walk out in one visit with an enhanced smile.

Appointment times – Are usually more flexible to provide the highest standard of treatments available

At Firswood Dental we will always discuss the options and give you a written estimate before any treatment.

NHS Treatment

At Firswood Dental patients will always be treated with the same care as private patients. The Government however does impose restrictions with patient’s charges nationally.

NHS – The treatments taken place will be functional and not for cosmetic reasons.

Guidelines – we will follow government guidelines for recalling patients which means you may not be entitled to a check up or clean as often as you want.

Cosmetic dentistry – These are not available on the NHS including Tooth whitening

NHS is designed to be functional – We will discuss each treatment plan, which is best suited for you.

Free consultation for Invisalign Treatment
- FREE ITero scan to view your final smile
- We offer 0% finance